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Christians in this Southeast Asian country have been persecuted and oppressed for generations. In spite of opposition the number of Christians and churches has been steadily growing. The most critical need is for trained leaders in the church-especially for the churches among the 10’s of millions of people who make up the main ethnic group. There are currently less than 20 trained, ordained, evangelical pastors for this massive people group.


Prayers were answered in 2013 when Christian leaders were given permission to launch the H. Bible College. HBC has the opportunity to significantly impact the future of their country by equipping men and women with the Word of God and skills in communicating its truth to a constantly increasing number of spiritually ravenous new believers.


Contributions to this project will help provide housing, tuition, resources, and training for students at HBC and for students enrolled in other informal training programs. Click the donate button to give.

















"There is an average of 178,000 people coming to Christ daily around the world. Seven thousand new church leaders are needed daily to care for the growing church. Eight-five percent of the churches of the world are led by people who have no formal training in theology or ministry. Leaders from every non-Western region say their "number one need is leadership training.” (Serving with Eyes Wide Open, David Livermore, P. 41)


You can respond to this critical need by providing scholarships for developing Christian leaders to obtain much needed Theological and ministry training. Some will study at formal training institutions such as Moffat Bible College in Kenya, H. Bible College in Southeast Asia, or L.P.N. Seminary in Cuba. Others will study in less formal settings, but with the same goal of becoming equipped to actively multiply disciples and churches as they effectively proclaim and teach the Word of God.


Your contribution to this project will help provide Bibles, training materials, tuition, and room and board for developing Christian leaders. The potential benefits from your investment will continue to multiply and impact future generations. Need-$150.00 per month per student. Click the donate button to give.





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